Pro Max - Performance Additive

Don't Change Oil Without it

Pro Max

Add ProMax to every oil change. Add 10% to synthetic or conventional oils. Does not contain Teflon, or any solids such as graphite. 100% pure petroleum base and is safe for Gasoline and Diesel engines. Will not void warranties. Safe in wet clutches such as motorcycles too.

Significantly reduces metal to metal wear. Pro Max Performance Additive adheres to metal component surfaces in engines and gearboxes, which means it is working to protect your engine and gearbox components from cold-start damage. Prevents turbo shut-off damage.

Pour some insurance into your engine

Performance Additive

Promax was formulated to treat the metal surfaces of engines and gearboxes as fluids are pumped through engines and gearboxes.

Promax molecules soak deep into the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that reduces damaging friction and heat.

Pro Maxis particularly effective under extreme pressure conditions in the very areas of engines and gearboxes where severe metal-to-metal contact squeeze lube oils out.

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