Katz Azz Super Lube


KatzAzz Superlube is available in both aerosol and bulk liquid form. It is a very thin soluble liquid and has a aroma of a cleaning solvent. It has very unique characteristics, in that it can dissolve rust and corrosion without harming metal finishes. It has a very strong capillary action, which causes it to ‘crawl’ into small cracks and crevices, (such as those found in bolts/nuts, chain links. In a word, this product will crawl into the places where rust and rusty deposits are found, and deliver lubrication between metal parts.

As a cleaner, this product is outstanding. It has been marketed as a ‘stand alone’ cleaner with outstanding results.

As a lubricant, it out performs every product on the market. It contains a strong concentration of a proprietary ingredient, Promax . Promax has a molecular consistency that allows the fluid it to actually ‘soak’ into the microscopic pores found in all metal surfaces.

Product has a very powerful capillary characteristic which gives it the ability to crawl and creep into micro sized spaces and deliver a lubricating and cleaning formula that actually soaks into metal surfaces. Spray Superlube on rusted bolts to remove seized threaded fasteners.

Uses: Chains, tool care, latches, rollup doors, rv slides, hinges, locks, rusted fasteners, screw jacks, winch cables, drawer slides, firearm lube, control linkages, cutting, tapping, general maintenance, and everyday lube tasks

Case of 12, 369g per Can

*Single Cans Not Available Online


Katz Azz Spray SDS


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