New look - Same Amazing Product

For more than 20 years we have been developing a solid customer base with our industrial, petro-chemical, mining, trucking, and agricultural customers. While our clients and their customers have come to expect the quality and exceptional performance of KatzAzz products, our packaging appearance has not been a priority or required, and definitely not well suited for retail displays.

As we enter into the retail market space, presentation and visual appearance modifications were required. The visual changes we have made to the product line and general appearance of our KatzAzz products are very positive and exciting. This along with a complete line of sales support material will help you achieve the aggressive sales targets that we are anticipating. Add KatzAzz products to your retail marketing plans. We’ll help you make it happen.

  • Bright fresh containers
  • QR codes on all products
  • Updated website
  • Static display cartons
  • Hi visibility shelf displays
  • Counter sales mats
  • Posters
  • Full-size cutouts

Katz Azz and Rust Bros Have Teamed Up

Your customers may never have heard about KatzAzz products before...that's about to change!

Mike Hall, Connor Hall, and Blair Smith are Rust Bros. While classic muscle cars are hobby/ passion of Mike and Connor, Blair is a master autobody technician of 40 years. Together they have formed a unique business of helping people achieve their muscle car dreams, all while being viewed by millions on social media channels. As Rust Bros, they have reached thousands of vintage and muscle car enthusiasts with their popular Netflix and History Channel reality series 'Rust Valley Restorers’.

Rust Bros are unique in that they focus on projects that everyday people can relate to. As such, Rust Bros will be an important social media face of KatzAzz products. KatzAzz products and Rust Bros both appeal to automotive and mechanical enthusiasts. Our product gains instant recognition and credibility by being associated with Mike, Connor, Blair, and Brad. When we asked Mike if he would consider promoting our KatzAzz products he said that he gets approached by hundreds of companies. His exact words: “talk is cheap, everyone says that their products are the best, but if I’m putting my name to any products, you’ll have to get past Brad, and he’s is a ‘no shit’ kind of guy. Good luck with that.”

Testing was completed by Protech Diesel Center and the results exceeding all performance requirements. Brad Hunt (owner) Protech Diesel Center is a master diesel technician. KatzAzz DFL Diesel additive is a large part of our sales volume, and we are pleased to have Brad on board as the official master diesel technician / consultant.

Outstanding Products - Powerful Marketing

Your retail shelves offer customers hundreds of products. We will drive the sales for you.

Many businesses have been hit hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In some areas a third of small businesses have closed. However, brick-and-mortar stores and in particular, automotive maintenance, sales, and repairs have now started to flip the script. With this renewed optimism for automotive accessories, repair, service, and maintenance businesses, we are in the right place at the right time. The costs of replacing cars and trucks have risen dramatically and a focus on maintaining and caring for existing equipment is making a lot of sense. KatzAzz products are the right products for todays trends.

Advertising and promotional marketing has changed in many ways. Gone forever is the yellow pages, news print ads, radio spots, and T.V. ads. Social media content such as Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, has taken over the advertising landscape.

KatzAzz products will be promoted by one of the most recognizable automotive personalities on the web.

We have taken great efforts to include the Rust Bros into our entire marketing program. We’re bringing Mike and the Rust Bros and profits into your retail store.