Katz Azz Super Lube

If it can rust, seize or squeak,spray it with KatzAzz Super-Lube


KatzAzz SUPERLUBE is formulated with Pro Max (Anti-Friction Formula). Advanced technology to lubricate, penetrate, and prevent corrosion, free sticky mechanisms, displace moisture, stop squeaks, and reduce friction and wear on all metal surfaces. It cleans and protects metal surfaces, tools or any metal equipment exposed to water or weather. It provides easy-to-apply protection and lubrication for hundreds of industrial, commercial, automotive and recreational uses. Its called KatzAzz for a good reason ... it’s amazing!

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Does not contain silicone - will not wash out


  • Lubricant
  • Penetrant
  • Cleaner
  • Rusted Bolts
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Super Lube Demonstration